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Coon Hunting Dogs


What kind of dogs can track coon?

Most dogs with a good nose can track a Raccoon. Raccoon leave a pretty distinct track (scent). They aren't the most pleasant smelling animals in the world. Many types of hound dogs have excellent noses and can track coon very well. Springer Spaniels, cow dogs, beagles, retrievers and others have all been known to track raccoon as well.

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What is the best dog to use?

Typically you want to use dogs that can do more than just track the Raccoon. You want a dog that is fast enough to run a Raccoon or at least keep up with a Raccoon on the ground. This helps to force the Raccoon to climb up a tree or object allowing you to collect your prize. Some Raccoon will run a long ways before treeing, so this is important so you don't spend the entire night chasing the prey. Also you want a dog or dogs that ate tough and mean enough to capture and even kill a full grown Raccoon. Most dogs can't do it on their own, so a good group of tough dogs is important. Raccoon are extremely tough and will put up a viscous fight even after being shot several times or injured by the dogs. Hound dogs have proved to be the most well rounded coon dogs in my families experience. We have had Blue Ticks, Black and Tans, Red Bones and a few mixed. I have heard from a few others that a pack of Beagles make a great team of coon hunting dogs as well.

Coon Hound