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Raccoon Hunting - a Family Tradition


Our Family

With many centuries of family members hunting raccoons, we have learned a lot of tricks and trades to successful and fun hunting. We hunt to sell the furs, population control and of course for the thrill of the hunt! There's something very exciting about being out at night in the crisp fresh air with nothing but the howl of the dogs and an occasional squeal of a pesky Raccoon springing in your ears. In hopes of keeping local coon populations down, we will continue to do our part to hunt these wily critters for years to come.

Raccoon Skins, hides, furs

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Family Raccoon Pets

Well you hunt Raccoons, why would you want them as pets? Good question. maybe in the past the Raccoon was to be raised to train the hunting dogs, but the Raccoon turned out to make a good pet instead. We have raised many abandoned kits over the years and it was a blast. Ricky, Billy, Lori, Sara are some that come to mind. They have soft fur and are very friendly animals. They tend to follow you around much like a puppy and are very playful. They can however, play pretty rough with their sharp teeth and sharp nails. It is really neat to watch them eat. They wash heir food first with their paws and sit on their hind legs. They kind of appear to be miniature bears.

Raccoon PetPet Raccoon and boyPet Raccoon