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Raccoon Hunting Lights, Clothing & Attire

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Hunting Lights

It is important to have a head lamp style light when going hunting. This free's up your hands so you can carry your gun and lead your dogs. The light needs to be powerful enough to easily shine a tree or enclosure to help locate Raccoon. Battery life is also important. A small D battery light will not have the luminocity you will need and certainly won't last the entire night. My family has used nite lites which are made for the sport and are very tough, durable and reliable. You may also want to carry a small light just for traveling and in case of damage or loss of use with your main light. You may also find a vehicle cigarette lighter spot light to come in handy with shining trees or locating certain things in the dark. Gun lights or clips to attach to your gun can be helpful as well so you can aim and shoot more accurately at night.


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Raccoon Hunting Light Set

Raccoon Hunting Spot LightRaccoon Hunting Light

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Clothing & Attire

Good warm clothing and hunting gear can come in very handy. Pockets and heavy cloth can be a life saver when you are out in the middle of a hunt. Waiters or high boots are almost a necessity because you almost always encounter a body of water when you are hunting Raccoon.

Raccoon Hunting ClothingRaccoon Hunting boots, waiters

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