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Raccoon Hunting Equipment

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Basic Coon Hunting Checklist

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Lights are very important when you are out hunting. You want to conserve your battery use for when you ned to spot a coon being treed, so it is important to bring a small flashlight for use in seeing for basic reasons. more info

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Dog Leads & Leashes

You most likely want to have a lead or leash to walk your dog away from a tree or into the area you want them to hunt. Dogs sometimes don't like to give up on false treeing or even after you have collected your kill. You will also want to make sure that you have your dogs collars labeled with your name and address in case your dog should get lost or left behind.

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Most of the time it is best to hunt when the weather is cold to ensure a thick winter fur on the Raccoons, thus you best be prepared with warm clothing, cloves and foot ware. It is also very important to stay dry to avoid frostbite. So extra clothing and waterproof foot ware is important.

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Typically a 22 caliber rifle or hand gun is efficient for shooting Raccoons. Be sure to perform all the necessary safety precautions when handling and preparing your guns. Make sure you have plenty of ammo because you never know what the night will produce. Scopes may come in handy for certain areas where you can't get close to he tree or location of a coon.

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Don't forget your hunters! Make sure they are properly accounted for and all necessary supplies are brought to take care of their health; water, etc.

Camping Supplies

Some nights can get very late... you may want to consider camping. Be sure to bring all the necessary items and if the weather is cold, be prepared. camping supplies