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What guns should I use to hunt Raccoon?

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Guns & Shooting Raccoons

Typically a 22 caliber pistol or rifle is sufficient for shooting Raccoon. It may however take several shots to take down a healthy adult coon. If you have small hunting dogs you want to go for a kill shot (in the head). But if you have strong hunting dogs or a large group of dogs you want to cause as little damage to the Raccoon as possible so the dogs can make the kill. You must be careful if you plan to sell the hides because the dogs can rip or tare big holes in the hide which can lower the price of the hide. So remove the dogs from the kill as soon as it is deceased if possible.

You may want to consider a scope for your rifle. Though it is difficult to see through the scope at night, a scope can come in handy for long distance shots and hard to reach areas.

Raccoon Repellant

Raccoon Hunting Gun

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