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Best locations to hunt Raccoons

corn | wetlands | abandoned buildings | farms | urban areas

Corn Fields

A primary diet for rural inhabited Raccoons is corn. Therefore, a great place to hunt is near stored corn or corn fields. If you can fins an area or field of sweet corn the odds of finding Raccoon greatly improves. Not only do Raccoon feast on the corn, but the crop gives them good cover and protection.

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Wetlands - Lakes - Swamps - Creeks - Woodlands

Common home areas for Raccoons are swamps or wetland areas. Water supply and food supply are usually plentiful. Raccoon are omnivores and will eat just about anything from smaller animals and carcasses to bugs and plants. Frogs and other water bound animals are a big part of a Raccoons diet. Most wetland areas have trees and other forms or shelter and protection. Most seek refuge in hollowed out trees or underground burrows which are usually in abundance in these areas.

Raccoon in tree

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Abandoned Buildings

Old homesteads can be a great place to find Raccoons because they like to make there homes there and raise their kits in a nice warm safe place. It is very common to find them in any old or lightly used building such as: garages, barns, basements, attics or sheds. They have also been known to live in old boxcars, silos and livestock buildings.

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Raccoon take to farm areas due to the abundance of food. They typically have access to everything they need from corn to shelter and water. They can make a mess of a farmers crops both in the fields and in storage.

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Urban Areas

Raccoon can sometimes wonder into or even create their homes in very Urban areas. The smell of garbage and food that has been thrown out by humans can get their attention very quickly. Once they have tasted and feasted on human food, it is very difficult to keep them from coming back for more and exploring farther and farther. They can make a massive mess quickly which has given them the name of the "Masked Bandits". Sometimes repellants can help to keep them away.

Raccoons in town

corn | wetlands | abandoned buildings | farms | urban areas