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Raccoons As Pets

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Do Raccoons Make Good Pets?

Most couldn't deny that Raccoons are pretty cute. Almost like miniature masked bears or even real life Teddy Bears, but are they good pets? If raised from babies, known as kits, most an be very tame and make a very nice pet. They have soft fur and are very friendly animals. They tend to follow you around much like a puppy and are very playful. It is really neat to watch them eat. They wash heir food first with their paws and sit on their hind legs. It has also been said that they can be potty trained and even do many tasks similar to that of a cat.

Pet RaccoonPet Raccoon

If you are thinking of raising a Raccoon as a pet, keep in mind that they can be very vicious and can carry diseases such as rabies, so it is very important to be careful with them. No matter how tame they are or seem to be, they are still far from domesticated.

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Feeding Your Pet Raccoon

Raccoon will eat just about anything. For the first few weeks of a kits life, it should be feed milk from a bottle. Cow milk is usually a good source of nutrition and whole milk is the best to get your pet off to a good healthy start. They will quickly and easily adapt to solid foods and drinking from a dish. A wide diet and variety of foods are good for the health of your Raccoon, from raw corn to living frogs to dog food.

Pet RaccoonsPet Raccoons


overview | feeding pets