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Skinning and collecting Raccoon Hides and Furs

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Skinning the Pelts, Hides

We typically start by hanging the coon upside down by it's back feet. Start at the top of the back legs by cutting around the leg just past the feet. Skin out and be careful not to cut the hide when we get to the tail keep cutting and pulling the hide all the way down to the nose. Be very careful around the ears and the eyes. The head is the hardest part to skin.

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Some fur traders will buy the whole animal from you and skin it themselves. You typically will get a better price if the hide is fresh and also if you can bring in a group of hides all at once.

Raccoon Pelts

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Coon Skin Caps

A coon skin cap is typically made from the entire hide of a raccoon including the head and tail. Some are made of just the tail without the head. They were originally a traditional article of clothing of the Native Americans and eventually become a popular hunting head dress. To purchase or get prices of coon skin caps or other furs, please contact us.

Coon Skin Caps

Crockett Coon Skin Caps is the right place to find quality fur hats and other products.  Our coonskin caps and other fur products are hand-crafted in the beautiful Ozark mountains, and have been sold in such venues as Sportsman's Guide™ and Bass Pro Shops™. 

Coon Tail CapRaccoon Cap

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Make Your Own Davy Crockett Hat

- written by Sylvia Mason -

1. Prepare 2 skins so they are soft and pliable. 1 skin will make most of the long strip. The second skin will make the oval shape piece for the head and give you enough more space to finish your long strip.

2. Make your pattern piece 1. Measure your head and add 1 ½ -2 inches for seams. Make a long piece 5 inches wide and the length your decided on.

3. Cut a strip or strips from the coon fur to make the proper length and sew them together to get a circle.

4. Make pattern piece 2. Lay it your coon fur circle in an oval shape (it fits the head better) out on paper and trace it. Then add ½ inch all the way around to allow for the seam.

5. Cut your oval shape piece.

6. Sew your oval piece to your long circular piece by finding what you want to be the back of the hat and laying the long side piece down on the sewing machine with the fur up. Take the back of the oval piece and lay the fur down so that both fur pieces are on the inside of your seam. Now ease the oval shape into the long side piece as you sew them together. A fur machine is easier, but a heavy sewing machine can do it.

7. Turn right side out and sew the tail to the bottom back.

8. Repeat previous steps with your lining fabric, quilted is nice but not necessary. Make your lining 4 ½ inches wide and ½ to 1 inch shorter. Make sure it will still fit your head!

9. When your lining is made turn your coon hat inside out and lay leather side down. Turn lining with the outside placed inside the fur hat, so finished sides are together. Pin the lining to the hat a couple inches on each side of the tail. Sew the lining to the coon fur, easing it together. Then turn the hat through the hole with the tail and stitch that hole shut by hand or heavy machine...turning the lining and the coon fur under to make a finished seam.

10. If you want the face hat you’ll have to trim the face neatly, and sew it to the front of the finished hat. This will take a heavy sewing machine or need to be done by hand with needle and tread.

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NAFA - North American Fur Auctions

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