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Raccoon Hunting Safety Tips


Handling Raccoons

Raccoons can carry rabies and other related and harmful diseases. Rabies is a lethal virus transmitted via saliva. This can also be transferred to humans and other animals. Some carriers of rabies will not show any apparent signs that they are infected. in most cases the animals will appear sickly and with abnormal mobility and aggressiveness. Many other diseases can be carried by raccoons, but most do not effect humans. Be sure to handle Raccoons very carefully and make sure that they are deceased before handling them. Avoid living Raccoons at all costs to help avoid getting bitten. If you are bitten, you should see a doctor for a checkup immediately. Keep an eye on your hunting dogs so that they don't show any signs of rabies or extreme aggression after being in contact with a Raccoon or other wild animal. If the dog shows and signs of rabies, they should be put down or carefully subdued and brought to a vet for evaluation.

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Gun Safety

The same safety precautions should be used when hunting Raccoon as hunting any other animal. Keep your safety on at all times possible. Store your gun in a gun case when possible. Keep your gun unloaded when traveling.

Raccoon Repellant's